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2018 Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organisation announced today their selections for the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. The four competitions that make up the Sony World Photo Awards are the Professional, Open, Youth and Student Focus competitions. I'm extraordinarily humbled to say that the below photo, "Too Cold for Comfort," was commended in the Motion category of the Open Competition.

What does it mean?

Of the 319,561 images submitted to the competition from around the world, mine was among 40 selected as "Honorable Mentions" in the Motion category. So, no I didn't win the big dog; no prize money, no plaque or trophy, but an honor I'll assuredly brag about on my resume nonetheless.

As a "commended photographer," the image will be exhibited digitally at the Somerset House in London as part of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards exhibition from April 20 to May 6 of this year. As a guy who didn't grow up shooting photos, didn't study photography in school and one who really only took the medium seriously within the past few years, having my work displayed internationally, albeit on a TV screen, is a tremendous honor.

Submission under bitterness

Anyone who is significantly close to me, knows that I'm not an arrogant person. My introverted demeanor may be misperceived as though I am and the intent focus I have on my job may close me off to the world at times, but I'll be the first one to tell people when my work is terrible and only rarely do I allow myself pride in projects completed. I try to hold myself to the highest standard, but I'm also a realist. When none of my images were selected as nominations in Minor League Baseball's 2017 "Photo of the Year" after winning the award in 2016, I hunted for my own competition to compete in. Petty? Yes. Contemptuous? Absolutely. But, I aimed strongly to hone my photography skills in 2017 and I thought I had worthy candidates. I wanted to see if that extra effort paid off, so I made a spreadsheet of all large competitions I could qualify for (mostly ones with cash prizes) and submitted a few of my best photos. Today, the World Photography Organisation recognized me for it.

April 19, 2017

It was a stunningly blue sky, warm spring day when the Indians beat the Durham Bulls on a Wednesday afternoon. What became a Victory Field tradition after each win late in the 2016 season, carried into 2017 as Elias Diaz doused Jason Rogers with Gatorade. Catching on to the act, I positioned myself accordingly knowing it was coming after his postgame interview. I got the winning shot with my Canon 5D MkIII and Canon 70-200 f/2.8L lens; captured at 110 mm, ISO 200 and overclocked with a 1/8000 shutter at f/2.8.

I felt bad for our clubhouse manager who must have labored to tame that stain.


I'm the product of those around me. Instagram changed the game by allowing me to find inspiration in the great work photographers from around the world share online. A few of those people I've been able to connect with through the app. It's been a humbling experience to have people come up to me during Indians games having found me online and claim to be such fans of my stuff. A special thanks goes to all those people who always manage to make a point in telling me how much they love my photos. Family and friends, thank you for the continued support.

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