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USA Football Flag

Positioning Statement

Flag brings new people to football. People that may not feel ready to play tackle yet or at all. For parents, flag is about having fun and getting kids active outside.  For leagues, USA Football flag is a turnkey solution to getting young athletes into the football pipeline using one of the fastest growing sports in the nation.


Create a campaign that showcases the energy, diversity and inclusivity that flag offers—something that looks expensive, but is affordable to all leagues and available to all families.



  • Minimum equipment makes flag one of the most affordable sports in the market; accessible to families from all backgrounds and budgets

Energetic and Bright

  • For many kids, flag is an entry point into the game of football.  For others, it’s an entry point into sports.  USA Football flag should be welcoming and appealing to kids and their parents

Affordable Turnkey Alternative

  • A brand that fits right along other flag offerings, but one all leagues have access to

Insights & Inspiration

  • Bright colors

  • Use of red, white and blue to fit alongside USA Football branding

  • Hand drawn elements

  • Script fonts

  • Gender neutral

  • Kid-centric elements like cartoons and emoji

  • Videogame-like

Custom Teams, Logos & Branding

Flag is about stirring excitement in kids.  We want kids to feel connected to their team and feel a strong sense of emotion and pride when they put on their jersey and play for their colors.


Custom teams also potentially gives sales an option to upsell; e.g., buy the base package with generic USA Football kits in year one, purchase the full league option in year two.



  • Big, bright and bold colors typical for kid-centric content

Cartoonish and Game-Like

  • Many of the kids playing flag are the same kids playing Fortnite and Minecraft.  We’re trying to coax them away from the screen and a great way to do that is to expose them to a branding style they’re accustomed to seeing.


  • Team names that are fun with logos that kids enjoy wearing.

Insights & Inspiration

  • Big, strong colors

  • Bold, thick lines

  • Minor league and Esports homages

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